Thank You

This page is dedicated to our campaign contributors.  Thank you for your support.  Some of you have chosen to remain anonymous so you won’t find your names here; but you know who you are, and your contributions are appreciated.

John Ross: AmericanCampaign Contributors

Phyllis Marx

Frank Nichols

Kyle Fall

Deborah Cangialosi

Michael Traverso

Jason Cangialosi – In honor of Frank “Poppi” Cangialosi

Michele Hanna

James Kehoe

Grace Rotondo

Linda Jenkins

Nicole Barry

Sean Jourdan

Marie Jenniges

John Hemschoot

Andrea Freshman

Helen Scharfenberger

John Jenniges

Wymond & Lois Miles

Barbara Nichols

Sharon Hemschoot

Sanjay Gupta

Jeannene Bragg

Stephen Hemschoot

Larry Fessenden

Travis Post

Martha Colbert

Dylan Blair

Adam Valderrama (The “Misfit” who started it all) — $300 “for the Misfits”

Claire Kiefer — $10 “for the Misfits”

Deborah Cangialosi — $500 “for the Misfits”

Jennifer Cangialosi — $50 “for the Misfits”

Lana Russell — $100 “for the Misfits”

Catherine C.

Dominick Uva — $150 “from a Misfit”

Dotti Currier

Sue E Bridgers

Lisa Horner — $50 “for the Misfits”

Michael Traverso — $100 “for the Misfits”

Jila Azimipour

Garret Dillahunt

Maureen Caputo

Melissa Woolf — $35 “for the Misfits”

Christopher Valderrama — $15 “for the Misfits”

Billy Masingale — $10 “for the Misfits”

Teila Tankersley

Gwang Han

Jim Beaver

Denise Petrie Gallagher

Justine Kiefer — $100 “for the Misfits”

Gary Post

Tony Elwood

Frank Cangialosi — $500 “for the Misfits”

Webster Hamilton

Camilo Valderrama — $500 “for the Misfits”

Alexandra Valderrama “for the Misfits”

Barbara Reinhold — $25 “for the Misfits”

Festivus Film Festival

Tara Karsian

Anthony Simmons — $10 “for the Misfits”

Theresa Hemschoot

Anna Simonis — $50 “for the Misfits”

Douglas Rushkoff

Christopher Ross

George Barrett

158 FW Det 1 Avionics

Allison Byczynski

Brian Gambero

Sara Newens

Jack Penrod

Tanja Gerwing ($10 “for the Misfits)

Brad McHargue

Zachary Justman

Carlos Madrid

L. Christian Mixon

Mika Ross


2 responses to “Thank You

    • Hey Bob, All you have to do to make a donation is click on the red donate button on the home page of It will take you to our paypal page where you can enter a amount and contribute if you have a paypal account, or you can enter in a credit card number there as well. Anything helps, and every bit helps.

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